Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Music fans and musicians belong to each other."

More smartitude from the Bandwidth Music and Technology Conference, this time from Thomas Dolby(via Online Fandom):
Music fans and musicians belong to each other. The role and the obligation of the intermediary is to empower that relationship to happen more easily and more effectively without the wastage that’s sent the industry down the toilet in the last few years. Labels want to push their own brand, but the fans don’t care about that. Kids want to feel they’re being brought closer to the music and the musicians that they admire. All you, as intermediaries, should be doing is facilitating that relationship.

In other words, strengthen the community that's occurring naturally between an artist, and their fans. Exactly.


J.D. said...

Wow, he just blinded us with science!

Anonymous said...

Major labels think of themselves as a church with the CEO as pastor and the artists back in the choir.

They need to start thinking of themselves as service organizations to a variety of diverse cults and work on supporting the cultlike relationship of artist and fan.

Especially since the big G stopped taking CEO phone calls a long time ago.