Monday, August 21, 2006

The Viral Garden cracks Technorati's Top 10,000

The Viral Garden won't be 5 months old until next Sunday, but it's already crossed over the 10,000 mark, according to Technorati's link-counter.

In the past, I've said that I don't think that Technorati is the end-all/be-all of determining a blog's worth/popularity that some think, and I still feel that way. But I will admit that it does my ego good to see TVG rise as quickly as it has.

But lately I've been paying more attention to how the traffic and number of feed subscribers and links grow here. The reason why is because I think the growth of TVG validates the power of the community.

What are the ways the we often hear for growing a blog quickly? Links from A-Listers? Being a 'known' celebrity/writer/marketer before you start?

I was thinking earlier and I could remember a grand total of 2 links from the so-called 'A-Lister' bloggers. Doc linked to me once, and called me 'MaRk'. Hugh linked to one of my posts, and didn't mention me or the blog's name.

And I definitely don't count in the 'known celebrity/writer/marketer' category.

So how has The Viral Garden grown so quickly? Simple, it's because of you guys. The reason why I get so excited about community-marketing, about the benefits of marketers embracing, empowering, and joining their communities, is because The Viral Garden proves that these ideas work. The vibrant and supportive community of friends I have here is why this blog has gone from 1 visitor a day back in late March(Hi!), to one of the top 10,000 blogs that Technorati tracks.

And the truly exciting thing is, there's so many other blogs embracing their communities. Karl does it. So does David, CK, Chris, Ann, Mario and so many other bloggers. And I love how the communities intersect. How one of my readers will discover Paul's blog because I linked to him, then he links here and one of his readers finds my blog. The communities overlap and grow stronger, until it's difficult to see the line between one blog's community and the other's.

So if I could offer any advice to anyone that's wanting to start blogging, PLEASE respect the community. Forget trying to catch lightning in a bottle with a magical link from some A-Lister that's never heard of you. Go out and make friends and connections with other bloggers. Join the blogging community, so you can grow your own. The community will give you far more than you could ever give back.

Case in point, I want to thank Lyle, Spike (Brains on Fire), Asi (No Man's Blog), Scott, WitchitaRutherford(Witchita's Blog), Matthew (Caffeine Marketing), Clyde (Pro-Hip-Hop Marketing), and JD (Musical Ramblings), for being the latest friends to add me to their Technorati Favorites. Lyle and Scott, if either of you have a blog, let me know and I will link to you as well. The Viral Community has now pushed The Viral Garden to the edge of Technorati's Top 100 Favorited blogs. Right now I need just 7 more people to favorite The Viral Garden to crack the Top 100. So if you haven't already, please favorite me by clicking the logo below, and I'll return the favor, as well as link to your blog. Hey a 2-for-1 deal, can't beat that ;)


Anonymous said...

Bravo (!) and well deserved. By empowering the community, it empowers you. True dat.

Enjoy your fame--allow it to go to your head ( a little ).

Anonymous said...

Nice work, bro'. You know, you're already at the top of our lists. (gush!)

: )


Cathy said...

Well done Mack! You deserve it!

Mack Collier said...

Stefan none of you guys are little(And I'm still a very small fish in a very big pond), and I'd be an idiot if I stopped paying attention to the community that has gotten me this far. I'm just glad to count such blogging powerhouses as FutureLab and Daily Fix among that community ;) If I recall, both FL and DF are about to crack the Top 10,000 as well.

Thank you CK and Cathy!

J.D. said...


You da man, dawg...

Musical Ramblings just cracked the halfway mark at 35,000 on Technorati (compared to 50,000 just a couple months ago) so we're all just movin' on up.

A-listers? Dude, screw them. We're on our way. Pretty soon, this community right here that networks with TVG and all that will be the A-list. With the rate we're growing, how could we not? And then people will be begging us for links.

Mack Collier said...

Yeah it's cool to watch us all rising together. And there's plenty of cool A-Listers. You can tell who they are because they link to you even when you are a little guy/gal, and they never call themselves A-Listers. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great news, Mack! For you and all of us who've had the pleasure of sharing conversations with you.

Together, we celebrate.

Stay contagious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mack for visiting my site! And you're completely on target with this post. It's the community that pulls everyone together. And in my books you're an A lister and a cool one too:)