Thursday, August 17, 2006

Breaking News: Chris is smart

So here we are days away from the opening of SoaP. As I posted yesterday, CNBC, at least, has gotten on board and they are talking about how if SoaP is a success, it could change the way movies are marketed from this point forward. And they are right, if SoaP knocks the cover off the ball, it will definitely give studios plenty of reason to closely examine how New Line succeeded in embracing and empowering bloggers and internet users to market for them. They will no doubt want to see if they can implement similar empowerment tactics in marketing their own films from this point forward.

Which is what makes Chris' latest move so brilliant. Chris has added an 'editorial calendar' to Movie Marketing Madness.
I've added a wiki-based editorial calendar that I'll be updating and using to show people what movie's and other topics I'm planning on writing about.

My hope for this is that it will help studios and others in contacting me when they see I have something of interest to them coming up. You know, just like a real publication uses an ed cal. So if you're reading this blog and see that I've got something that touches on a movie you're producing or a topic you can provide information on or would like to weigh in on that's going it's dependent on you to contact me.

Great idea. Chris just made it painfully easy for studios to contact him so they can put accurate and helpful marketing information about their projects, in the hands of the internet's most influential movie marketing blogger.

Here's hoping studios are equally smart, and take full advantage of this opportunity that Chris has given them.


Chris Thilk said...

Congratulations. Your posting about that made me actually go flesh the thing out a bit. Now it includes more than just a handful of movies from Universal.

Mack Collier said...

Good because it's a great idea. If I were dedicated enough to pick my topics 5 mins before I post about them, I'd do the same thing ;)