Monday, August 14, 2006

Inside/Out trumps Outside/In

Cathy had a secret. A secret that she was hoping to remain hidden, but one of her co-workers found out about it recently, and the cat was out of the bag.

She'd been outted. Now everyone knew that Cathy was a blogger.

And what Cathy is finding at her job, is that many of her co-workers are wanting to hear all they can about blogging and social media.
In the morning I had a meeting with our Communications Director (who actually started out at my position – Internet/Web Manager). We were suppose to discuss branding strategies but ended up discussing the Internet as a whole and most of all blogging and social media. He too realized very quickly that this is something very close to my heart....So it looks like things are slowly starting to move in the right direction. Or at least people are starting to think in new directions, which is very good. I guess I’m making my name heard and spread too, but that’s another story…

And this is how we'll see companies successfully embrace social-media, from the inside/out. Yes I know I am biased due to my looking for a job myself, but one of the smartest things companies can do is hire people that understand social media, and are passionate about the positive changes that this space can afford companies in embracing, joining, and empowering their communities. The excitement from passionate people is infectious, and just as Cathy is changing the culture at her company from the inside-out, other social media advocates will have the same affect on their employers. Again, if you aren't involved in this space, it is VERY hard to understand why you should be. Explain to a business that isn't blogging why they should start, and see how many seconds it is before you hear 'Yes but how do you MAKE MONEY from blogging????'.

Change happens more effectively when the stimulus comes from within, not from a need to 'keep up with the Joneses'.

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Cathy said...

Aah, thanks Mack! Now nobody in the whole wide world can have missed that I blog. Which means that I can spread the gospel of blogging and social media even more :=)

Mack Collier said...

See now you're going from blogger to blog-celebrity ;)