Friday, August 04, 2006

Mentos unveils geyser contest on YouTube

Mentos continues to prove how clued-in they are to their community, and how internet users are interacting with social media.

I've already blogged about how Coke tried to control the community-based buzz they received over the geyser videos, while Mentos embraced it. When Coke finally woke up and decided that all these people enjoying their product was a GOOD thing, they then created 'The Coke Show' and wanted people to start playing with their product on THEIR site.

Sorry guys, that's not the way it works. When your customers are enjoying your product, you do NOT try to stop that or control HOW they are enjoying your product. You embrace them, and if they are building positive buzz for your product, you do WHATEVER you can to make it as easy as possible for them to pass that buzz onto other other community members.

So while Coke tried to tell their community that it was ok to play with their product, as long as they did it on their new site so they could 'oversee' them, Mentos announced that they would create a contest to award prizes to the best geyser video. Genius. Whereas Coke tried to alter/control the behavior of their community, Mentos embraced their's and announced that they would award them for doing what they were already doing for free.

Then Mentos made yet ANOTHER smart move, and announced they will be hosting the contest on YouTube. Excellent. While Coke wants you to come to THEIR site so THEY can control what you are doing, Mentos has gone to their community and told them that they will reward them with prizes for doing what they are already doing anyway, and using the space that they are already the most familiar with.

Make it as easy as possible for your community to spread their positive buzz. Mentos still gets it, and Coke is still scratching their heads.

Thanks to Jackie for the tip about this.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you, Mack. But at the same time, Mentos is smart to try and capitalize on this 15 minutes of fame...because after watching a half-dozen of the "community" videos, I'm completely convinced that there's not much left to say other than "Add Mentos, Move Out of the Way." I pitty the Mentos agency that has to wade through this stuff....

I'm not meaning to be's just not that an overflowing liter of Diet Coke isn't that interesting a subject matter after a while. It's a one-note band.

That being said: Jackie Huba is right -- the "Shootout at the Mentos Corral" is fun and the best of the lot. At least, of those I managed to sit through.

Mack Collier said...

Yeah I think that Mentos did drag their feet a bit on getting this up. About a month ago would have been perfect, when the buzz was still at a fever pitch. And if you'll notice, the original 'announcement' graphic said it was going to start in 'Mid-July'. By now the buzz has died a bit.

Anonymous said...

While Mentos gained a lot of great buzz from the renegade video, its own video contest on YouTube is slow to catch on. As of today (8-7) 163 people had joined their YouTube group and 21 videos have been submitted.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that this was started as a viral campaign. It sends too "chemical" message. Mentos and espec. Cola are "the real things" and this would disturb the image. Mentos should use this to market a NEW product - they would save millions on a TV ads. But it could not work for the old, well established one.

Anonymous said...

This is the top level in marketing.No money ..And millions of people learned mentos..