Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More on using bloggers to promote music artists

Teresa at BlogBusinessSummit recently blogged about a new Christina Aguilera online promotion.

Teresa explains:
Today, an e-mail went out to all fan club members offering us a 5% discount to pre-order Christina’s forthcoming double album, Back to Basics. They also announced a contest in which each fan club member received her own personalized 5% discount code to share with “friends and family.” The Christina fan who pre-sells the most CD’s before Friday, August 11 at 3 PM ED wins an autographed iPod nano.

Teresa admitted in her post that this promotion could have been a bit better, and I commented that a better way to engage bloggers may be my '100 CDs for 100 Bloggers' idea.

Teresa agreed, and she was kind enough to post about the promotion, adding this:
Then Mack Collier came along, commented on my post and smacked me over the head with what I think should become the immediate best practice for engaging bloggers when promoting a CD.

Thanks Teresa! The good news is, a few labels have contacted me about this idea, and even some MSM sources, so we may see it yet.

The concept of empowering your community is at the heart of this promotion, and I think the future of marketing lies with this idea. Find community members that are already passionate about your product, that are well-connected and have the ability to communicate to many other community members quickly and effectively, and empower them to market for you. Bloggers are a natural fit for such a promotion, given that they already have established communities of readers, and that ideas spread so quickly and easily among bloggers.

They already have the infrastructure in place to communicate to others, they just need the message, and the incentive to spread that message. This promotion supplies both.

And as I tell everyone that contacts me about this idea, the FIRST label to execute this promotion is going to make serious waves. That's what frustrates me, because I obviously have a short list of certain labels and artists that I want to see be the ones that reap the benefits from this idea, but I can only lead them to the water ;)

Hells bells The Viral Community proved that this concept works, with the attention that 'The Miami Vice Story' garnered. And that started from ONE blogger. Add 99 more and see what you get.

Thanks again Teresa, and everyone make sure to check out her blog at BlogBusinessSummitt!

Pic via The Donnas MySpace page.

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