Sunday, August 13, 2006

Snakes in the Garden!

That's right! Sam and his friends will take over The Viral Garden this week as the most anticipated (at least to bloggers) movie of the summer is set to premiere nationwide this Friday. I'll still be covering other news and topics, but the majority of the coverage this week will be reserved for any and all promotional efforts involving SoaP.

To set it off, Ryan snaked me on Friday, and got Sam to call me and tell me to bring my 'fancy hairdon't'(WTF?) and go see Snakes on a Plane.

Ok FINE....Sam told 'MaRk' to go see the movie....damned I hate that guy.

This promotion, which is similar to the one for Ring 2, lets a friend send you a message from Samuel L Jackson where Sam calls you by name (except for me), and mentions other facts about you like your hobby, job, car, and tells you to go see SoaP on August 18th. The message can be sent by either email or you can have Sam call your friend's cell phone. VariTalk, who created the campaign for New Line, said that Sam made over 100,000 calls in the first 24 hours, in fact demand was so great that it crashed the system. Jackie adds that over a MILLION calls were placed in the first week.

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