Friday, August 18, 2006

Early SoaP reviews are in

On both Technorati, and in the media. 'Junk, but good junk' was the review I heard on CNBC. The guy seemed to be saying that if you know not to take it seriously, that you'll have a good time with it. He described the showing he went to as 'a party'.

I think this short review says it all: "Yes, it's dumb. Incredibly dumb. It's also a hell of a lot of fun if you just turn your brain off and watch.".

Here's another comment:"Now I'm reading the reviews from last night with mad envy. Multiple standing ovations? In the middle of the movie?!"

And of course, the review we've all been waiting for, from Brian at Snakes on a Blog. As he said, the comments say it all, everyone loved it.

Again, this has become a meme. It's become the cool thing to see this movie, right now. Without these months of build-up, this movie bombs because everyone takes it seriously. But New Line steps in, lets the community runs with it, and the community is smart enough to make a party out of it.

UPDATE: CK adds an opening night review.

Nother UPDATE: Chris adds that SoaP director Dave Ellis stopped by Snakes on a Blog to personally thank all the fans for making the movie a phenomenon. Again, brilliant. And I have no idea why more companies don't do this because it took Ellis all of probably 30 seconds to leave that one comment, but read for yourself how much goodwill he got back from the fans.

PS: I've dropped anonymous comments. I simply got sick of deleting spam from anonymous jackasses. So let me know if anyone has any problems trying to leave comments, you shouldn't from what I can tell, but as we all know, what I can tell ain't much.


Anonymous said...

The Boston Globe gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars....I guess it's not so bad!

BUT - for the record, I am *still* not going to see matter how fabulous the marketing, storyline, whatever. I mean, if it didn't have SNAKES or PLANES in it...I'd be all over it...but somehow, I think it *might*.....

Ryan said...

The Vancouver media picked up on the movie today too. The Vancouver Sun ran a full page story on how Snakes On a Plane became this online 'phenomenon' and gave full credit to us bloggers for being the vehicle through which this film was promoted.

A great, local shout-out to a great campaign.

Ryan said...

A sidebar - I worry that other companies are going to see the success of this campaign and attempt to replicate it for other movies.

My fear is that they won't view these types of campaigns as 'organic' in nature; ones that spread on their own accord, and not by the virtue of some film companies' wishes (and wallet).

Once they start trying to force these types of things, and stop letting them happen on their own, they're in for trouble.

Mack Collier said...

Vancouver rules, that's a given ;) And Ryan you are exactly right it's a VERY fine line between seeing what actually happened here (embrace the community, let the buzz and promotion grow organically), and what I fear Hollywood will do, is think that 'internet buzz' is the silver bullet to make any crappy movie a blockbuster.

Here's hoping.

BTW The Boston Globe rules too sis ;)

J.D. said...

Mack, haven't seen it yet, but hope to.

As for the spam comments, whyn't ya just turn on word verification? That worked for me. If you do that, only the REALLY determined spammers get through, and in my experience that has only happened once. (Turning off anonymous comments means having to register with Blogger, which means less comments, in my experience.)

Mack Collier said...

Cause I *hate* the comment verification thing, Blogger's isn't as bad, but TypePad's has caused me to punchout the monitor more than once.

Hell I may have to go to it, since apparently sis can't comment otherwise ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you check out just the "Blogger" and "Other" options...kicking out the "Anon"s?

The other thing you can do is simply approve each comment before it's posted. Not as instantaneous...but *almost,*considering how often people like us are online.