Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Viral green with marketing envy

I am still ticked that I will miss Nettwerk's Music Marketing Seminar tomorrow in Vancouver, but it seems that my 2 favorite Canadians, Ryan and Jordan will indeed be in attendance and representing the blogosphere quite nicely.

Hopefully they'll show Jordan how to pimp his MySpace page(so he can then tell me), talk to Ryan about locking up their artists in a cross-promotion with Boston Pizza (hey why not?), and finally, agree to be the first label to execute an online marketing promotion for their artists using bloggers.

C'mon Nettwerk you know you want to. And I personally guarantee that at least 2 of the Top 25 Marketing Blogs will do all they can to help them. ;)

UPDATE: Ryan mentions on his blog that he'll be blogging about the seminar when he gets back. He adds "I'm sure Mack (along with many others) will be eager to learn what Erin and Terry have to say about the long term plans for the industry from a marketing perspective.".

Damned skippy! We're talking marketing theories here, these are the people that are putting those theories to work in the marketing reality that is the 'real world'.


J.D. said...

Yeah, you need to pimpify that Myspace, Mack, so yours can look as hot as mine does with my bad Superman self :)

I have to admit, comparing your Daily Fix photo with that action figure on your Myspace, there is a striking resemblance...

Mack Collier said...

Jordan gave me some links to edit the template, I'll have to get to that.

And the's FONZIE! I thought the thumbs up with give it away lol Not really a Happy Days fan, but thought that pic was hilarious.