Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Still scared about joining the community?

Then check out this quote from the movie marketing master, Chris Thilk:
"...ceding control can be a good thing, when it's part of an organized plan. It's scary, but trust me, it will be okay. Letting people talk about your content will actually help."

Read the entire column here. Here's another gem: "The use of content that's created for expressly promotional purposes on a viral video site is something marketers should embrace and encourage."

You ARE reading Chris everyday on MMM, right?


J.D. said...

Well of course I read Chris everyday. If I didn't, I fear you might drive up to Memphis, skin me alive, and hang me from the tail fin of the Lisa Marie.

Nah, j/k, M3 is a great blog!

Chris Thilk said...

Are you kidding? I never read crap like that!

Oh wait, that's me. Thanks for the double shout-out.