Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And then there were 3...

If you'll check the sidebar, you'll see I've added a new section 'Other Places You Can Find Me'. I've added BMA, my MySpace page, and my newest home, MarketingProfs: Daily Fix. I'm pretty sure that everyone here is familiar with the MarketingProfs website, well recently they added a blog. The contributor list reads like a who's who of top marketers and business minds. Ann Handley, Seth Godin, Eric Kintz, Tom Peters, Harry Joiner, Tig Tillinghast, every one of them are TRUE A-Listers.

So when Ann offered me the chance to join this illustrious group, I accepted immediately before she could change her mind ;) You can view my first post here.

To say I am honored somehow doesn't cover it.

Thanks again to Ann for this opportunity. Please add Daily Fix to your daily reads, if you haven't already!


Anonymous said...

Mack --

Thanks for the kudos! Very kind of you. But it's really the MarketingProfs community that is honored to host you!

Jordan Behan said...

Congrats, Mack! Well deserved.