Friday, May 26, 2006

Meanwhile....back at the batcave

Notes and quotes for the weekend....

First, welcome the newest member of the Viral Community, Monica Power's excellent Brand is Language blog. A great, and now daily read for me. Check it out and I'm sure you'll agree.

Two very different marketing moves into MySpace. The first one is Burger King's new page, brought to us by Ashton Media. As Ryan correctly notes, if BK doesn't use this as a tool to communicate with MySpace users, it will tank. Personally, I think this starts out with 2 strikes against it, because MySpace users are going to view this as simply a commercial for Burger King, and likely tune them out from the get-go.

But Chris mentions a MySpace promotion for the movie An Inconvenient Truth, that's far more interesting. Paramount has done a 10-city theater buyout on June 16 which will reserve the theaters for only MySpacers. As I told Chris, I think marketers need to move more toward such 'exclusivity' measures, since I feel that MySpace is dangerously close to losing its 'coolness' factor with some of their users.

The Top 25 Marketing blogs, as always, will be published on Monday. Since I am addicted to blogging, I can't take the holiday off ;)

Check out the Social-Networking Weblog. If TechCrunch launched a blog for just social networks, it would probably be very similar to this one.

I sent this link to Jaynie(who will be a great podcaster), and others such as JD might be interested, but this is a great resource that walks you through the process of creating a podcast. For a time I was seriously considering adding a podcast here, but I really don't think I'll have the time. If I started doing a podcast, I would want it to be a weekly deal, and with now 3 blogs, I don't think that would always be possible. Maybe later, but we'll see. BTW if you are thinking about podcasting, it really isn't that hard (or doesn't appear to be that hard), so give it a look!

PS: Coupla extra MySpace notes:
First, it's now been 2 weeks since I sent Jewel a MySpace message on how to better her marketing. She still hasn't read it, and later this afternoon it will be 2 weeks old, and thus deleted. Shocking.

On the flipside, when we discussed how the band Shaye could use MySpace or bloggers to market themselves, I also sent them a MySpace message with a link to the post. Someone from the band or in their camp read the post within an hour, and according to SiteMeter, came here and read the post linked above a few minutes later.

Also, if you are a blogger on MySpace, send me a friend request and I'll be happy to add you to my list! Here's my page.


J.D. said...

I'm on a natural high right now. One of my posts just broke my all-time high comment record. 33 comments and counting. I think I may faint.

J.D. said...

Oh, and I meant to say thanks for hooking me up again, Mack, and I'm studying that podcast thingy here. I'm about to go on vacation in the middle of next week, so I will HOPEFULLY get started podcasting soon thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comment. I'm amazed daily at the power of blogs and other "new media" to engage us.

Hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend in spite of that Top 25 list that was calling your name.


Mack Collier said...

Monica, had a great weekend, thanks for asking. Hope yours was good as well! Thanks for stopping by, and since we are a community here, don't be suprised if some of the names you see commenting here start popping up on Brand Is Language ;)