Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stop me if you've heard this one before....

Gonna swipe Andrea's 'Humor Links' ider, because I've seen a few lately that I had to share.....

Blogger's Anonymous now has an official blog for those dealing with blogging addiction. Surely an idea whose time has definitely come....

Jaynie, as only she can, relates a hilarious story that ends with:
"How sad am I that I wasn't there to see that in person? Very.
Because I think I would have been 89% tempted to either:
a. throw my fork in the air and yell "brown cow, brown cow, blue duck, aaaaand knickers!"... simply to create an equivocally absurd situation to what was happening around me.
b. start yelling at the top of my lungs that the restaurant owner guy was the best lover I had ever had... and he ALWAYS treated me like a lady. And fed me falafel. in bed."

But the winner in the funny-bone sweepstakes is Burbanked, who gives us hilarious visual evidence of 'Sonny Crockett-Vision'! 'Angry Eagle' is my favorite ;)


Anonymous said...


We at Bloggers Anonymous have been tracking your blog activity (don't ask us how—we have friends in the government).

We are concerned for your well-being. Will you accept help today?

J.D. said...

Dang...none of mine made the funny list? :)

Mack Collier said...

Did you say something funny? ;)

And anonymous, if that is an offer to post at yet ANOTHER blog! Since I am addicted to blogging, I graciously accept!

Anonymous said...

Number one indication that I'm addicted to blogging:

I keep following the link to my own story instead of the blogging addiction one, even though I know which one is better for me.

Ok, just 42 more clicks and then I'll try the other one.