Thursday, May 11, 2006

Marketing bloggers care more than advertising bloggers?

I thought this was interesting: As everyone knows, I've been doing the Top 25 Marketing blogs list here for 3 weeks, but I've also been doing a Top 25 Advertising blogs list for BMA during those same 3 weeks.

Last night TVG had a visitor that found this blog by doing a Google search for 'Top 25 marketing blogs'. Of course that simply blew my mind, so I decided to Google 'Top 25 blogs'. Here's the results, as you can see, the first Top 25 marketing blogs list I did last month is the #4 result.

But the list I did of advertising blogs for BMA was no where to be found. I stopped looking when I reached page 15 of the search results and still hadn't seen it.(Did see several links to the Top 25 Marketing Blogs list from other blogs, thanks guys!).

Again, when I decided to do the lists, they were really just a fun thing for me to do every week. I was hoping a couple of the bloggers that I linked to would check TVG and BMA out from the list, but really they were done for my benefit. Of course I had no idea they would be so popular here. But the fact that they are popular here, but almost go unnoticed at BMA, a blog that currently gets 10X the traffic TVG does, is perplexing. So far the 3 Top 25 lists I have done for BMA have garnered a combined 4 comments (2 from me), while here the 3 Top 25 lists have so far gotten a combined 27 comments.

Very odd. Anyone have a possible explanation?


Jordan Behan said...

I'd wager that the online marketing crowd are more active bloggers than the traditional advertising folks.

BMA gets a whack of traffic though, and VG is quite new, so maybe I'm way off.

Anyone wanna chime in?

Mack Collier said...

Jordan it's my guess for most marketing people, the blog is a side gig/hobby, while for the advertising folk, it's a commercial venture.

Could also mean that most marketers see their blog as more of a networking tool, and inclusion in a 'Top 25' list is definitely something to crow about.