Thursday, May 18, 2006

Top 25 Marketing Blogs sidebar added

I've added a section on the sidebar that has the Top 25 Marketing Blogs poll for each of the first 4 weeks. I'll add each week's new poll in this space.

Thanks to Ann, there have been a ton of new visitors to the Garden this week, and many of you have been checking out the Top 25 Marketing Blogs posts. I wanted to recap some of the basic criteria for this list:

- I use Alexa's traffic rankings to rank the blogs. So if your Alexa ranking is 400,000, and the #25 blog is 267,432, then you missed the cut.
- If you have a blog piggybacked on a website that Alexa can't distinguish from the website, I can't rank you, because Alexa is viewing the traffic from the website as being the BLOG'S traffic. Perfect example is Eric Kintz's blog for Hewlitt Packard. A great blog, but unfortunately Alexa sees it as a webpage on, so it gives the blog an Alexa traffic ranking of 102, which is the same as's.
- Your blog has to have a significant portion of its content devoted to covering marketing commentary and opinion. Yes this rule is a bit subjective, but this is to weed out blogs that are really Advertising or PR-related, but post the occasional marketing post.
- The list is updated every Monday. Occasionally, Alexa will be a pain and will go for longer than a week without updating it's traffic scores. This has already happened once. If this happens, I will still do an update, as I usually find at least one new marketing blog to put in the Top 25 every week.
- Blogs that cover only marketing news stories with little or no commentary/opinion, won't be included. Unlike most advertising blogs(AdRants, AdFreak), most marketing blogs lean more toward marketing theory/discussion/opinion, as you can see from reading the blogs on the Top 25 list. Again, this can be a bit subjective, but the key is if you are putting some effort to put your ORIGINAL thoughts and opinions behind a marketing news story, then that's fine.

That's it, clear as mud now, right? ;)


J.D. said...

Alexa doesn't like me very much. Neither does Technorati. I've had about a million bloggers link to me and it still says the same 32 links from 13 sites that it said months and months ago.

If not for SiteMeter, my ego would be circling the drain right about now ;)

Mack Collier said...

Yeah I noticed that, try pinging Technorati, that might work. AdRants has been stuck on 1561 links for over a month.

Anonymous said...

Technorati seems be a bit erro-rati recently (excuses le pun).

I was looking into this yesterday, as I'm having the same problem - it;s been saying 36 links for a month now - the weird thing is that if you actually click on the headline it says 60 links, if you count them its over 70...

Someone else with the same problem had a good response from techsupport, so I've tried that now.

I'll let you know if it works.