Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New post up at Daily Fix

Today at Daily Fix, I go in a completely different direction and tackle a new topic, my idea of '100 CDs for 100 bloggers'.

I'm going to keep blogging about this until one of three things happens:

1 - Someone from a label gives me a viable reason why they CAN'T do this (Not won't, can't).

2 - Everyone stops reading me.

3 - A label decides that 'You know...that would probably work, let's try it!'.

I'm hopeful that it will be #3, but as determined as the labels appear to be to stay away from anything that makes too much sense, it could be #2.

UPDATE: Michael at Tech Crunch says this today when considering television shows that can be downloaded on the internet: "Frankly, I look forward to the day that a show, ignored by the networks, first decides to launch itself on iTunes and go straight to consumers. The press around it would be overwhelming. The first to do it will have a big advantage."(My emphasis added)

The same dynamic would be at work here for the first label that decides it wants to give away music to bloggers. The positive buzz in the blogosphere would be overwhelming, and the first label to do this is going to win serious points with music fans, as will the artist/band.


Chris Thilk said...

There is no reason why they can't, only reasons why the won't. The labels will cry about the threat of piracy and all those missed sales instead of taking a chance and empowering their customer base like this. It's too far outside their comfort zone for them to move.

And #2's not going to happen, either. The conversations you start here are too good to not continue engaging people.

Mack Collier said...

"It's too far outside their comfort zone for them to move."

Yep. Too many dinosaurs in the ivory towers that will never admit that they aren't in total control of their marketing message.

J.D. said...

I remember the buzz around when shows like Desperate Housewives were starting to be released through iTunes. "Yeah, one person will pay for it, and then everyone else will leech it for free." And to be truthful, that does happen, but quite frankly, it was already happening with bittorrent beforehand. However, they also saw some success with it, such that more companies are willing to try it.

To be honest, Mack, I would've paid a premium to see the end of Reunion this year, wouldn't you? If, after cancellation, they'd have taken the show online only, I'd have bought into it in a heartbeat, and others would have too.

These days, with TV being less appointment driven, I'm surprised that the studios aren't jumping all over an online distribution model.

As for the CD thing, check Daily Fix for my comments on it :) I'm up way past my bedtime and rambling too much to further pontificate :)

J.D. said...

I just want to say "pontificate" again.


Mack Collier said...

Yeah you had great comments on my post on Daily Fix. That was one reason why I wanted to post it there, because it would be an almost completely new audience being exposed to the '100 CDs to 100 bloggers' idea.

And another opportunity for the major labels to give me a valid reason why they CAN'T do this.

Looks like they whiffed again ;)

And I dunno about paying for Reunion, but I definitely would have paid to see what happened in Season 2 of Tilt ;)