Friday, May 12, 2006

If you don't want to join the community....

...for the love of Tuesday don't piss-off the community!

Jason says that Joystiq, the wildly popular video-game blog/website, was BANNED by Konami at their E3 press conference, because Joystiq posted some pre-show pictures, and refused to take them down.

Love these quotes from Jason:
These simple minded PR idiots had better get their houses in order. You can't tell our bloggers what to do--I can't even tell them what to do!

My best advice: Be honest and fair with our bloggers because they are always honest and fair with you. This heavy-handed banning of bloggers makes you look like idiots. Bloggers are you customers... everyone who works at Joystiq is huge video game fan--they're not there as journalists, they are at e3 because they love gaming.

Want the punchline? Since we're all getting hip to the Alexa rankings.... - 34408 - 4464

That's right! An industry website, run by video-game fans and FOR video-game fans, that gets TEN TIMES Konami's traffic, tried to attend their PC and got thrown out.

Amazing how companies will spend boatloads of money on advertising and marketing their products, and one PR blunder like this flushes it all down the drain.


J.D. said...

Did you flip those numbers around? Looks like Konami gets more.

Sadly, Konami has failed to be relevant since Contra and the original Castlevania games

Mack Collier said...

Those numbers are the Alexa rankings, so in this case, lower is better.