Friday, August 25, 2006

The Viral Community puts The Viral Garden in the Top 100

Siddiq (Change is Good), Lee (The Nimble Canvas), Jordan (Tell Ten Friends), and Marianne (Resonance Partnership Blog), are the latest 4 members of The Viral Community to add The Viral Garden as one of their favorite blogs. And they, along with everyone else, have helped put The Viral Garden in the Top 100 Most Popular Blogs, according to Technorati. Thanks again to everyone!

I've got 3 slots left in my favorite blogs, so the offer still stands, if you'll add The Viral Garden to your favorites, I'll add your blog, and also link to your blog as I did above for Siddiq, Lee, Jordan and Marianne! Just click on the logo below to add The Viral Garden to your favorities! Thanks guys!

UPDATE: Thanks to Ken at Recognize Design for adding me to his favorites!

NOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to Mike (Much Ado About Marketing) and David (Logic + Emotion) for adding me as well!

SWIFTY UPDATE: And Swifty too!

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to Tamera (3i), Kevin (Seattle Duck), and Nick(Strategic Design) for also adding me!

SUNDAY UPDATE: Thanks to Harry (Marketing Headhunter), Miles(Inner Tee), Brett(Circle Six), and John (Sparkplug 9) for adding me! Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...


Edmund Yeo said...

Wha-? They get linked? I... almost wished I haven't added you so soon. Just kidding. :)

Kim Klaver said...

Mack - I added you. Did it show up?

I'm not too advanced with this...


Mack Collier said...

Yes Kim, and I added you as well, thanks again!

Edmund Yeo said...

Whoa! Thanks man!

Nick Rice said...

Mack, you're on my List! Keep up the great work. It's really encouraging to see your site grow the way it has over the last few months. I started blogging about the same time you have and my views have increased steadily.


Anonymous said...

As an outspoken anti-A-Lister, has the Technorati Top 100 become your egalitarian substitute? Although you know you're one of my "must reads" :-)

Mack Collier said...

I'm not Anti-A-Lister, I'm anti-bloggers that let Technorati tell them who they should read/link-to.

But my being in the Top 100 proves that ANYONE can be, and that it's not rarified air reserved for just A-Listers. All you need is a supportive community of readers.