Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The 'Tagline' Meme

Cam has started an interesting meme where you pick 5 bloggers, and give them a tagline. He picked me, Roger, Lewis, MasiGuy, and Paul. So here's my picks:

David Armano - 'Designing conversations and creating communities'

Ann Handley - 'Forming the connections that hold us all together'

CK - 'Sharing knowledge so we can all advance'

Cam - 'The conversations are bigger in Texas'

Sean Howard - 'So are we going to talk about some marketing bullshit, or what?'

Feel free to add your own here or at your own blog!


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Anonymous said...

'The conversations are bigger in Texas'

I wish I thought of that one. :)

Anonymous said...


Which reminds me... I need to talk about more marketing bullshit!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via Chris Brown's "Branding and Marketing" blog. Really enjoyed your post - and here's my two cents:

Blogging is a strategy, and one that requires commitment. But commitment only comes when and if an organization understands who their ideal customer is and how important "blogging" is to helping them decide on whether or not to choose them.

I also think that blogging is really akin to the microwave or the sticky note. It's new and shiny. Has some obvious applications - but until you figure out how to use it as a vehicle to attract your organization's ideal customer, it's just a toy.

It seems that this is one of those marketing vehicles you can't study or analyze to death, because if you take the time to do that - it will have already morphed into something else.

So - I say jump in, learn as you go.

Mack Collier said...

Ivana great points, and thanks for stopping by!