Saturday, July 14, 2007

Viral Community News

1 - Let's start with some movie marketing news. Chris tells us about the 'The Ultimate Search for Bourne' promotion that Google will be launching on Monday where you use Google tools to track Jason Bourne online. Then Chris and Ann both go into the promotion for The Simpsons movie where 7-Eleven is transforming some of their locations into Kwik-E-Marts such as the one where Apu works at on The Simpsons. Ann's post at The Huffington Post wonders if we might come to expect too much of this art imitating life/life imitating art type of entertainment. Chris lets us know that either way, the promotion is paying off so far for 7-Eleven.

2 - Pete has launched the Top Marketer Blogs, which focuses on marketing blogs written from the client side. I think this is a good list and fills a void that the Top 25 Marketing Blogs and other such lists have missed. And I'm very glad to see MasiGuy and Eric Kintz' blogs listed!

3 - And speaking of Eric, make sure you stop by his blog and congratulate him on his new position with HP as Vice President, Marketing for their Digital Photography and Entertainment divisions!

4 - More feedback on the Nikon 'Picture This' blogger outreach promotion for the D80. Jonathan calls me out and says I should be blogging about the D80 since I took it, and Eric compares and contrasts how marketing and political bloggers handle transparency and blogger outreach programs.

5 - Apparently Paul is still as popular as ever with Kohls.

6 - Finally, thanks to the marvelous Natasha of That Girl From Marketing, I have a boatload of Spock invites available. So if you want one, email me with your first and last name and email addy, and I'll hook you up, till they are gone.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mack! It's going to be a lot of fun!

Tim Jackson said...

Mack, thanks for the vote of support. It's pretty cool to be on a list of such cool marketers. I feel like the odd man out, but "odd" is almost my middle name.

Paul's whole Kohl's experience has been pretty entertaining and enlightening- to say the least. But what else would you expect?

Anonymous said...

The 7 eleven thing remains brilliant.

I have friends that speak of nothing more than purchasing a "buzz cola" at the Kwik E Mart.

Of course, I'm now re-evaluating my friends... ;)