Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More press for The Age of Conversation

Both Fast Company and Business Week have picked up on The Age of Conversation project. Bruce Nussbaum writes about the project at his Nussbaum on Design blog for Business Week, and it has led to an amazing series of comments. That's because Bruce asks a great question: "I do have one thought before delving into The Age of Conversation and it is this--are we talking too much? Are we spending too much time on our blogs, facebook pages, second life avatars, friends, relatives, colleagues, whomever? Are we procrastinating? Are we navel gazing at the process of social media rather than using the process to get at something really important?"

At the Fast Company blog, Brian Reich, one of the co-authors of The Age of Conversation, blogs about the book. Also, CK makes her triumphant return to Daily Fix with yesterday's headlining post about AoC. Yesterday morning there were right at 5,000 mentions of AoC according to Google Blog Search. A day later, that number is over 5,300.

UPDATE: Steve gives a quick snippet of several of the entries from the authors of The Age of Conversation. Just from reading these quick hits, you can tell that you're going to get 103 different takes on the same subject!

MAJOR UPDATE: Drew says that in "24 hours, we have sold 317 copies and made $2,563.63 for the charity. Now that's news worth spreading! Our goal for this project is $10,000." That's an average of over $8.00 going to Variety for EACH copy sold! Thanks to everyone that has so far purchased a copy, you guys are amazing! Let's keep the ball rolling!

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Anonymous said...

317 copies! This is on the way to becoming a best-seller. But of equal importance is the money being raised for Variety. Way to go guys and gals!