Sunday, May 20, 2007

Viral Community News

Buncha shoutouts and congrats I wanted to send to bloggers such as....

1 - Drew McLellan, David Reich, and Cam Beck each had their debut posts at Daily Fix recently, and all 3 started with a home-run out of the gate. Ann continues to be an incredible community-builder. Also, Drew has created an e-book to help recent college graduates get a job.

2 - Congrats to David Armano, who is joining Critical Mass. It's been incredibly exciting to see David's star rise over the last year, and we all knew he was going to get some spectacular opportunities such as this one.

3 - Two of the blogosphere's leading ladies are celebrating blogging anniversaries. First, CK marked her one-year anniversary on Friday, then yesterday, Toby Bloomberg announced that The Diva Marketing Blog had hit it's 3-year anniversary! Congrats to both of you!

Congrats to everyone, so good to see all my blogging buddies doing good!


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Toby said...

Mack - thanks for the happy blog birthday wish. It's great fun to share May, as a blog birthday month, with our BBF CK!

Anonymous said...

Sincere congrats to DA, Toby and CK... and thanks for the kind words about the Daily Fix.

: )

Unknown said...

I think Drew must be one of those rare marketers that can continue to work with his eyes closed. How does he manage to fit it all in?

Great stuff from Drew, David and Cam over at MarketingProfs ... and just goes to show Ann has a great eye for talent.

And happy celebrations for Toby and CK who continue to set the standards by which we all measure ourselves!