Friday, May 18, 2007

The "Breakup" Video

You may have already seen the "Breakup' video created by Geert Desager, as everyone is talking about it.

Pretty funny and painfully accurate video, and I'm glad to see Geert getting his due. Geert might have been the first blogger I ever talked to, waaaay back in his Brandopia/blogspot days, before Microsoft was smart enough to snap him up. I talked to his colleague Kris Hoet, and asked him if Microsoft knew about the video:
He started the idea with the agency, defended it internally to get the budget (which he didn’t have locally) and to be able to do it the way he wanted (together with Openhere) starting with the blog where he wanted to share everything starting from the agency brief etc. It took some time to get it all done, get the needed approvals and stuff but eventually they let him finish it like he wanted and what you see is just like he wanted it to be. So short, yes they knew - but he did a great job driving & defending it. Kudos

As expected, CK has taken it to the next level. She offered a conference call to Geert and Kris to discuss the video, and Sean Howard will be chiming in. Canada, Belgium, and the United States all on the same concall! Check out CK's post and especially the comments from Geert and others.

Congrats again Geert!

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J.D. said...

BRAVO! Excellent video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack, indeed it has been along time and thanks lot for those kind words.

mbhave said...

wow, couldnt ask for a better lesson in VIRAL marketing. And the sheer genius of naming the tee's CONSUMER and ADVERTISER... Amazingly funny and so darn in the face too..
m bhave