Friday, July 21, 2006

What's your answer?

Add The Media Drop, Converstations, One Reader at a Time, and Burbanked to the increasingly long list of blogs that are chiming in their support of Universal's move to approach MMM. I did a Technorati search for 'Universal and Miami Vice' and quickly found that it is The Viral Community that's driving the buzz for both terms.

I also noted that NONE of the A-List bloggers that were so upset over Dell's first blog last week, have chimed in on Universal's move to CONTACT Chris.

The question I have is: Why not?

UPDATE: Add Musical Ramblings to the list.

Nother UPDATE: Add Marketing Nirvana to the list.


Kim Klaver said...


You'll be happy to know that a new study shows "blogging begets Media coverage..." From Micro Persuasion, here is that link to the study.

J.D. said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Who needs 'em?

Anonymous said...

Universal has shown before that they get the power of the blogosphere -- think back to the efforts they did for the Joss Whedon film "Serenity" in 2005.

Mack Collier said...

Jordan other bloggers need them. By complaining about Dell last week, and keeping quiet about Universal this week, IMO these 'A-List' bloggers are doing a disservice to their community. Universal made a very simple move that very few companies are willing to do. And let's not forget that it is a move that bloggers as a community have been screaming about for years.

Universal made the move we've been asking for. That deserves the same amount of attention and praise to match the criticism that Dell got last week.

IMO A-Listers have a responsibility to their community to serve their needs as well as their own. Right now some of them aren't meeting that responsibility.