Saturday, July 01, 2006


Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride Terry is the CEO of Nettwerk Music, and also the manager for several top music artists, including Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, and The Barenaked Ladies

"This is all based on a simple principle; put the music where the music fan spends their time and allow them to consume it how they want."

Socia Media guru Josh Hallet (via Marketing Profs) Josh is a social media success story. He has leveraged his blog at to carve out a niche for himself as a social media expert, and along with a staggering speaking/conference schedule, has established himself as one of the true 'thought leaders' in the social media space.

"If we look at many of the "tools" of social media and social networks, the foundation is conversation and relationships. The majority of users are on the services to interact with friends. But can a corporation be a friend? Does a corporation really have anything of value to offer a customer in terms of conversation or relationships?"

Nettwerk's Marketing Manager Erin Kinghorn Erin is the Marketing Manager for Nettwerk, working alongside Terry is helping to market Nettwerk's music artists and properties.

"It's a matter of helping the artist, and guiding their career, instead of running their career. And also, looking at it as a career, and not as needing to put out a hit record. We're in the business of developing artists, we're not in the business of creating artists for revenue."

Personal Branding Expert William Arruda (via Marketing Profs) William has positioned himself as an expert in one of the fastest-growing niche industries in the nation: personal branding. Arruda's philosophy centers on identifying and communicating the unique value you can bring to an employer. If done correctly, your reputation and credibility will help you stand out from the crowd, and create an environment in which job opportunities come to you.

"Personal branding is nothing more than understanding what makes you interesting, compelling and differentiated and using that to stand out from your peers. It's about building a solid professional reputation around your unique promise of value."

Lookout! Records' Molly Neuman Molly runs indie music label Lookout! Records, and is also the manager for The Donnas.

"Yes and (making The Donnas' music available for free download) also speaks to the indie roots that we come from. We want our fans to get into the music and also support us by buying our records. We trust that our fans won't abuse the availability and that makes for a great relationship."

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