Friday, July 07, 2006


1 - So what exactly is 'The Viral Garden'?

The Viral Garden is my blog, where we discuss primarily marketing topics. Any and all, but I like to examine how 'social media' is changing the marketing landscape, and look at how companies are adjusting to this chaotic space. Some companies understand the importance of embracing and empowering their communities of customers, some do not. I make a point to look at examples of both.

2- You said 'we' like to discuss marketing topics, aren't you the only writer for The Viral Garden?

Yes. When I say 'we', I meant myself and the community of readers for this blog. A blog is only as good as its community, and you will find that the community of readers for The Viral Garden add invaluable insight into every post via comments. I am constantly writing about the need for companies to join and empower their community, and a blogger is no different.

3 - This is my first time here, what should I check out first?

This is a list of my favorite posts. These will give you a good idea of my marketing philosophies, and especially detail how important I feel it is for companies to embrace, join, and empower their communities.

4- Hey my company started a blog, and it's not doing as well as your's, what are we doing wrong?

Check out my Articles section, especially my article on 'Eight Ideas for Revitalizing Your Company Blog'. In that article I cover several common mistakes that companies make after launching a blog, and how to correct them. If you still need help, feel free to email me.

5 - Are you sure your name really isn't 'Mark Collier'?

Pretty damned sure.