Friday, July 14, 2006

Viral Community News

Andrea is back. She's come back and hit the ground running, check out NMPR 2.0.

Chris gives a great account of how The Long Tail applies to the movie industry.

Jeremy Pepper welcomes Dell to the blogosphere, and reminds them that the 'A' in 'A-Lister' stands for 'asshole'. Classic. Let's see....Dell ignores bloggers, we bitch about it. Dell pays attention to bloggers, we bitch about it.

Companies say that all bloggers do is complain and bitch...and we bitch about it.

Congrats to Mario for making Marketing Nirvana the 3rd-Fastest Growing WordPress blog! Doesn't suprise any of us, as Mario has started blogging like a house-of-fire.

Eric has a very interesting post about Peru's blogging community. For example, 5% of the population owns a PC, but 50% of the population has internet access, due to the growth of internet cafes in the country. Great read and a new viewpoint.

Apparently, TypePad was down for a day or so earlier this week. David was having such serious withdrawals that he had to go post about it on DF(which, ironically, is now down itself). Anyway David created his list of Top 10 Things You Can Do During A “Blogout”, and he contacted a TypePad representative about his blog being down. The rep answered, said she enjoyed the post, and added that since TypePad was by that time back up and running, she encouraged David to post the list on his blog, which he did. Pretty cool response from a company that realized it had goofed. BTW you guys crying over TypePad being down need to switch to Blogger, we don't bat an eye when our blogs go down ;)

This is why I love blogging. My newest blogging friend is CK. CK emails me, I find her AMAZING new blog, where she's interviewing Al and Laura Ries. Check out her blog, the next interview in her series will come from a blogger in Baghdad. Should be interesting! Give CK's Blog a look, it's great!

Paul got jumped, and his blog has never been better. He has about 4 posts in a row that I started to link to, just go read the whole damned blog, because it's all great!

Doc linked to me. Actually he linked to me, but once again, called me 'MaRk'. No biggie, as everyone knows, almost everyone does this the first time. This is the second time Doc has done it. I decided to just leave a quick comment thanking him for the link, and correcting him.

That's when the trouble started. Apparently, it is easier to find an A-Lister that's never been to a blogging conference, than it is to figure out how to comment on Doc's blog. After literally 5 mins of searching for a cyber needle in a haystack, I figured out that you COULD leave comments on Doc's blog. Unfortunately, after another 5 mins or so I realized that you apparently have to be a member of the 'Doc Searls Fan Club' in order to comment there. Since I've never been granted membership, I left.

Doc if you happen to read this, please either turn off comments on your blog, or at least make it a tad bit easier for people to give you feedback. All I wanted to do was send you a quick comment, and after 10 mins of fruitless effort, I left frustrated with no comment left. Not a good blogging experience for me.

JD and Tricia, you will definitely want to check this one out. Kathy Sierra has a great post about how attending a concert makes the CD sound so much better. She's exactly right, and in the comments, she tells me that she HATES Jewel's music, but that she heard her in concert, and she was amazing.

And on that note: Sales from Jewel's latest album, which was released just 2 months ago, were only 7K last week, and at this pace the album, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, will be the worst-selling of her career. But there's good news! Next month Jewel starts her tour for this album, and since she gives such a great concert, I'm sure her marketing team will take advantage of this! I'm sure they will be blogging the tour from the road, having Jewel appear in podcasts and videos from the road. I bet they'll even be seeding videos of some of her songs from her concerts on YouTube and at her MySpace page. They'll also be offering prizes to their fans that post the best concert reviews. I'm sure they will. Because any smart marketing team realizes that if Jewel does her best performing live, that they need to do everything in their power to bring that experience to her fans. And Jewel's marketing team has been all over promoting this new album!

After all, she launched her first album's single by performing it at a NASCAR race, so you know they 'get it'!

Quick shouts to: SunDog, Diva Marketing, Experience Curve


Anonymous said...

Mackeral -- It's my own mini-hell today: The Daily Fix is down right now while we move it to a new server.

p.s. I'm hoping that my telephone calls every 3 minutes to the tech guys aren't annoying them..."Are you done?" "OK, Are you done now?" "How about now?" (Although something tell me that it's the bloggers equivalent of that annoying backseat refrain, "Are we there yeeeeeeet?")

Mack Collier said...

LMAO! Tech guys and a blogger going through blogging withdrawal pains ;)

Anonymous said...

Mack (or whatever your name is), thanks for the warm welcome back. And thanks for, once again, pointing to great new blogs you've discovered -- you are the man!

Anonymous said...

Mark (just kidding...),

Happy you enjoyed the Peruvian blogging adventure... stay tuned for other countries.

Ann- you should write on David's blog about blogout!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea, Eric...DAMN! I wish I thought of that....!

Paul McEnanny told me today that David and I are the most melodramatic wanna-be bloggers when our blogs are David's blog is the *perfect* venue.

Of course, I wish I could say that I took today as a free day off and spent it cavoting in the backyard with the dogs and kids and flowers and such...but...well, how can I do that when so much REAL LIFE is happening online?! (LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Ann, Let's definitely have you post on L+E. Great Idea Eric! Too funny. And Ironic.

Anonymous said...

So weird, I was just introduced to CK as well. I was talking to the CMO of a company called goodstorm, and he passed on her information, and i was emailing with her yesterday. Such a small world.

Anonymous said...


I think you just made me look like an asshole! :)

Not wanna-be bloggers, but want-to-be-blogging. You guys are way too badass to be called wanna-be's!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for directing us to CK's Blog. I'm really into it--good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mack, for the shout-out.

I'm trying to utilize the momentum Marketing Nirvana's received to increase readership. Any tips?

Also, was wondering if you know of any music acts who have their own blog?


Anonymous said...


I've got one. The Polyphonic Spree was a great one for awhile, while they were all holed up in a recording studio together, but has since slowed in posting. Still a good read if you go back to recording time.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link. Seems like a good place to start.

Take Care,