Monday, June 19, 2006

The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing blogs - Week 9

Here's the standings for Week 9, and these will be updated again next Monday.

1 - Seth's Blog - 7,046 (LW - 1)(+114)
2 - Creating Passionate Users - 17,849 (LW - 2)(+99)
3 - Gaping Void - 18,935 (LW - 4)(+168)
4 - Duct Tape Marketing - 19,186 (LW - 3)(-180)
5 - HorsePigCow - 44,722 (LW - 5)(+1,463)
6 - Marketing Shift - 47,532 (LW - 6)(-77)
7 - Coolzor - 74,860 (LW - 7)(+3,228)
8 - What's Next - 87,426 (LW - 8)(+357)
9 - Church of the Customer - 89,509 (LW - 9)(-895)
10 - Brand Autopsy - 91,993 (LW - 10)(+797)
11 - Emergence Marketing - 98,564 (LW - 11)(-346)
12 - The Viral Garden - 102,240 (LW - 12)(+6,178)
13 - Jaffe Juice - 110,864 (LW - 13)(+3,037)
14 - Beyond Madison Avenue - 116,262 (LW - 14)(+2,133)
15 - FutureLab's Blog - 123,417 (LW - 16)(+17,893)
16 - Diva Marketing - 124,871 (LW - 15)(+11,943)
17 - Marketing Headhunter - 181,282 (LW - 17)(+413)
18 - What's Your Brand Mantra - 186,648 (LW - 18)(-3,738)
19 - Marketing Roadmaps - 192,759 (LW - 19)(-5,504)
20 - Network Marketing for Women - 204,462 (LW - 20)(+7,842)
21 - Pro Hip-Hip - Hip-Hop Marketing - 211,886 (LW- 21)(+2,732)
22 - Marketing Begins At Home - 235,599 (LW - 22)(+101)
23 - WonderBranding - 279,545 (LW - 23)(+2,914)
24 - B2Blog - 291,124 (LW - 24)(+174)
25 - Crossroads Dispatches - 304,478 (LW - 25)(-421)

This week's list marks the 2-month anniversary of the Top 25 Marketing blogs countdown! Woo-hoo! In my mind, the biggest story during that time is Creating Passionate Users moving from #5, to solidly locking themselves in at #2. As for this week, Hugh and John again trade places, in their continuing dance where neither of them seems to want to lead. HorsePigCow had another decent week, will be interesting to see if Tara can seperate herself from MarketingShift, or if MS will catch back up.

A rift of almost 60,000 spots has developed between the Top 16, and the rest of the Top 25. Emergence Marketing, Jaffe Juice, BMA, and The Viral Garden all continued their creep toward the Top 10, while Diva Marketing and FutureLab again had big weeks to keep up the pace. After the Top 16, it was a pretty flat week for the other blogs, and there were no new blogs this week. After I bragged about Logic+Emotion last week, David's blog surged another 60,000+ spots, and just missed the Top 25. Also it's interesting to note the consolidation that's taken place in the last over the last 2 months. In the first Top 25 list, The Brand Builder Blog(which is making a strong run to re-enter the countdown, don't think I haven't noticed that, Olivier) was #25 at 430K. Now 300K will barely make the cut.

Finally, if I suspect that you are doing something to intentionally 'misrepresent' your Alexa ranking, out you go. If you have no idea what I am talking about, good for you. If you know exactly what I am talking about, then can it before your blog gets booted from the Top 25.

As always, next update is next Monday.


Anonymous said...

"If you have no idea what I am talking about, good for you. If you know exactly what I am talking about, then can it before your blog gets booted from the Top 25."

OOOoooooo......rigging Alexa rankings? Sounds like big doin's at the St. Mack School of I'll Collier Later. C' Ballot stuffing? Quiz show fixin'? What's up?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to assume that you still don't consider my blog about marketing, since I outrank the 325 blog again this week.

If sales, customer service, advertising and all the other things I blog about aren't 'marketing', then what are they ?

Mack Collier said...

Mike I also consider the content of each blog relative to the other blogs in the Top 25. Technically anything associated with a business transaction could be either put down as an example of product, or price, or place, or promotion, and by extension called marketing.

And second, I honestly wasn't aware of your blog. If you had already brought it to my attention, then I apologize. I will consider it for next week, and from now on.

Anonymous said...


This little concept of yours just proves how effective the right idea can be. I'll be slugging it out with content on L+E for some time just to creep up in the rankings—but if I had a brilliant idea like this, it would be so much easier! :)

Keep it up. It's a valuable service you provide.

Mack Collier said...

You aren't creeping David, you're up about 60,000 spots this week, and likely will be again next week. Any blog in either Top 25 list would love to have that type of move.

I noticed Karl's blog has been surging as well, he may join us soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mack. I'd left that same type of comment a couple of times, but only when it would have been possible for me to be ranked.

I appreciate the opportunity to compete.

Of course, as soon as you get me in your sights, I'm about to go on vacation !

Anonymous said...

Hey Mack,

IMHO you should refine your methodology and find another source to rate these blogs apart from Alexa traffic. It may be a good data point, but it's not the be all and end all.

How about comments and interaction? How about incoming links, how about technorati?

Just a thought,


Mack Collier said...

Karl you're right it's far from perfect. But IMO Technorati is even worse, all you have to do is throw out some link-bait, and a small blog can shoot past others that might have 'better' content.

As for comments, that might be a good idea, but if you think I am going to go to all these blogs and count comments, on're crazy ;)

Course maybe you are wanting to see Seth get booted out? ;)