Sunday, June 11, 2006

Non-smelly hands rule, commercials at the pump don't

This is a classic case of a company marketing from their point of view, and not considering what's best for their customers. John at Brand Autopsy brings us the tale of Gas Station TV, a service that's currently being test-marketed in Dallas where TV monitors are installed at gas pumps, and commercials are shown.

Here's why David Leider, the CEO of GSTV, thinks this will work: "This is a truly captive audience that we have--those stuck at the pump--and this is a great opportunity to engage them.".

Oh you could almost hear the cash registers ringing in Leider's head when he said that, couldn't you? There's nothing engaging about being bombarded with unwanted commercials while trying to pump your gas so you can get home. Leider obviously loves this idea, because he thinks the customer will be 'forced' to hear the commercials.

The problem with that thinking is, most people will tune this out immediately because this is a move that CLEARLY is advertising, and offers little to no benefit to the customer.

On the flipside, the picture above shows a hand-sanitizer at a gas pump. Bingo! Now THIS instantly solves a problem that we all have, cleaning our hands after pumping gas. The benefit to the customer is obvious, in fact I could see some customers changing their spending habits to make this gas station their only stop, simply because it offers a free benefit that its competitors do not.

Which move solves a customer problem and adds a benefit, and which move will ultimately mean more business for the gas station?

Almost makes you think there's a connection, doesn't it?

Pic via Flickr user Neven.


J.D. said...

You're not suggesting that hand sanitizers are reaching out to the.... community? (gasp!) Of course you are.

And you're bang on about the forced commercials at the pump. Should I ever have such a thing foisted upon me, I will simply do what I so often do anyway, which is to put the windows on my car down and let my cranked stereo drown it all out.

Anonymous said...

Gas Station TV is in the same category as Elevator TV. What's next -- Baby Stroller TV? We just don't need to be marketed to ALL the time now, do we? Another example of the crazy extremes....