Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All my people right here, right now...they know what I mean

Notice what this A-Lister had to say about SethGate. Now note what this one did.

One embraced the community, one embraced Seth.

Thankfully, the blind embracing of A-Listers, which always reminded me of an insecure child clutching their security blanket, seems to be waning. Instead, I am excited to see more and more bloggers throwing aside labels and links and engaging and communicating with each other freely. I am seeing more and more blogs attempting to create and embrace their communities.

It has to be this way. As marketers, how can we convince our companies/clients/colleagues about the need to join the community, when we are devoting most of our time trying to get a link/comment from Seth?

We talk about the marketing theory of joining the community a lot here. But as we see from reading The Viral Garden, and any number of other blogs that the Viral Community overlaps to, it's not theory, it's an idea that works.

It's not about me, it's not about Seth, it's not about you. It's about the community.

It's about us. Know what I mean?


Ryan said...

It's like a group of friends that gets together every morning to talk about what they like most.

Who wouldn't want that for an audience?!

Anonymous said...


I think you did the blog community a service here. And good for you for not backing down. This is not about jealousy, malice or envy. It's about decency. That simple. Some people choose politics in life—others choose to do the right thing.

Hugh can say "fuck" all he wants. In the end, his reaction to Sethgate was safe, predictable, and yes a bit of sucking-up was done. Sorry—it was. And I didn't even have to say fuck to make that fucking point.

BTW, I still enjoy most of Hugh's cartoons. The guy has talent.

Anonymous said...

Right as rain! Instead of a "sense of ownership," the community now owns the space - to each their own (personality, voice, whatever...)

As individuals, we have ownership - together we're a powerful force.

Mack Collier said...

And to prove my point, Seth has now left a comment Hugh's post. IOW, neither has time for the Noisy Commons, but both have time for each other.

Sorry but if I have to choose between an A-Lister, or the community, the community wins every time. A shame that certain A-Listers can't say the same.

"As individuals, we have ownership - together we're a powerful force."


Anonymous said...

Okay guys... this is getting ridiculous. Seth doesn't want comments - that's his prerogative. He's got good reasons for it. He IS very good at responding to emails, which is great, but it seems like everyone is just whining because he won't conform. To drag Hugh into this for defending him? That's just silly.