Saturday, June 24, 2006

Viral Community News

Michael Wagner at Own Your Brand!, has an amazing pair of posts about how Rick Rubin helped Johnny Cash revitalize his musical brand. Here's an added bonus: A link to watch Cash's video for Hurt, IMO the best music video ever.

Speaking of music, Tricia has a great post about how bands are finding that 'internet hype' might not always be an unknown band's best friend.

Daily Fix update: Joe Jaffe from Jaffe Juice has been added, as has Scott Baradell from Media Orchard. Ms. Community keeps on keepin' on!

New blogs that I am enjoying: No Man's Blog, and Marketing Nirvana. And if you needed further proof of how bad my self-promotional skills are, I was honored to be among Mario's Top 5 Marketing Blogs at #5, where I am #12 in my own list!

Finally, an interesting illustration of how an active blog generates more traffic than your average website. Leigh has a great advertising/marketing/branding blog called AdverGirl. Leigh works for, as she puts it, a 'midwest advertising agency'.

Alexa ranking for Leigh's blog? 242,365.
Alexa ranking for Leigh's agency's website? 2,611,250.

UPDATE: Karl Long has a great recap of the Supernova Conference, which focused on how social media and communities are impacting marketing. Great stuff.

NOTHER UPDATE: Chris adds extremely detailed notes from BloggerCon.


Anonymous said...

Mack - thanks for highlighting my postings on Johnny and Rick. Very much appreciated!

Mack Collier said...

No problem Michael, they were great!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the blog-shout-out.

I was thinking aloud on my blog: Maybe we marketing bloggers should have an Annual Bloggers Meet.

An opportunity to meet with fellow marketers as well as brainstorm sessions on the latest & greatest in marketing 2.0.

What you think?

Marketing Nirvana