Sunday, June 11, 2006

Viral Community News

Some quick notes about some of my favorite blogs.

Go check out Logic+Emotion ASAP. As you know I am constantly looking for new blogs, and constantly endorsing good ones, but L+E is one of the best I've ever found, bar none. David Armano. Remember that name.

Jordan has moved Tell Ten Friends to a new site with a nice new layout to boot. And he's scrapped Blogger, which is almost always a smart move. Check it out, and adjust your feeds accordingly ;)

Chris has been wanting to know for months why I didn't start a music marketing blog. I seriously considered it, but decided in the end to integrate any music marketing news/ideas I wanted to blog about into The Garden's content.

But....Tricia has started a music marketing blog. This is only the second blog I have found devoted to music marketing (other than Clyde's). Tricia's blog, which is brand new, is called Studio UES. It may be new, but she's hit the ground running, and like myself, she's using her blog to help her get a job, in interactive/entertainment marketing. She has all the essentials you'll need to learn all you want about her on her blog, and I am painfully jealous of the horizontal menu she has on her Blogger template, because I want one. Give Studio a look, and Tricia, you might want to talk to Ryan, whose blog, Adcouver, helped him land his current job.


Anonymous said...

Take note people, for a very small fee—Mack will create posts singing the praises of your blog as well.


Seriously—thanks for the kind words. Am I ever glad I joined the community. The upward mobility of L+E would simply not have happened if I didn't.

Nice addition BTW, the Viral Community News. Has legs.

Mack Collier said...

Stefan you should be, he'll be a great addition to FutureLab.

David no fee is necessary for any of you. Just be sure to still acknowledge me after you hit the big time ;)

Kim Klaver said...

Mack -

You say moving from Blogger "is always a good move." Well, I am there, and I wonder what will happen to my alexa rankings if I switch...I'm not like THAT high, (212k Alexa) but I wouldn't want to start over. I did that at Technorati and went from like 23k to 842k. :(

Any ideas? I'd like to try type pad and word press...

What do you use?

Mack Collier said...

Kim if you switch from Blogger, I believe you lose all your links according to Technorati, and your Alexa ranking is reset. That's the main reason why I am still with Blogger.

IMO a good header can make a Blogger template look like a million bucks. BMA had the standard tequila template, then they added a 'graffiti' style custom header, and it looks great now.

I really need to spend some time learning how to tinker with the Blogger templates. If I could find a nice header for here, plus a way to incorporate a nice horizontal menu like Tricia has with Studio UES, I would probably be satisfied with Blogger.

BTW I really like Ryan's new look too.

Chris Thilk said...

Fantastic finds, Mack. Just what I needed, two more must-read blogs.

Mack Collier said...

Chris I actually found Tricia's blog by following your advice and adding a search for posts tagged Music Marketing to my Bloglines feeds. I still don't use it for regular blog feeds, but you were right about the searches, definitely a plus there!

Tricia said...

Hey Mack - Thanks for the shout out!! I'm thinking perhaps I should start a blogger template business on the side to satisfy a serious Blogger community need. And maybe I can get people coming to my blog just to see my template. And they say it's all about content....please.

Mack Collier said...

Tricia that's a great idea, I could be your first client ;)

And it's all about the least it is around here ;)