Friday, July 27, 2007

Viral Community News

The Age of Conversation edition.

1 - Steve Woodruff has gone above and beyond, giving a quick recap of EVERY chapter in the book. He gives you just enough to see what each author is talking about.

2 - Along these same lines, Arun Rajagopal has created a bio for ALL 103 AoC authors!

3 - Drew has a recap on all the media coverage after week one. Drew also emailed us to let us know that over 500 copies of AoC sold in the first week, and so far over $4,000 has been raised for Variety!

4 - Speaking of sales, Lulu is reporting that The Age of Conversation is the #2(Hardcover), #4(Paperback) and #8(e-Book) best sellers for the week! All three versions in the Top 8!

5 - CK, Toby, Arun and Mario are all sending copies of The Age of Conversation to CMOs! Nice!

6 - The good folks at Crayon talk about The Age on Conversation on Crayon Cast #30.

7 - Christine and Michelle at Emerging Customer have generously donated a month's worth of advertising on their blog for The Age of Conversation!

8 - Shouty Lady gets seriously silly about the book's release.

9 - Matt at Techno Marketer has a nice recap of all the associated links, including the Facebook group (created by Mark Goren) and Google Map for the authors!

10 - Gavin has a pic of a couple of gorgeous AoC co-authors holding the limited 'jumbo' edition of The Age of Conversation! He also tells us about Paul offering a free copy of AoC for the best comment from readers about their favorite chapter!

11 - And that brings us to the end of this list. Literally. Sean documents what happened at SpingLobe when the AoC books arrived. Watch it to the 'end'.

Remember that you can order YOUR copy of The Age of Conversation by clicking the photo above, or here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice collection, Mack. Thank you for bringing all the news together.

Anonymous said...

Okay, we are some of the (best? most vocal? desperate?) marketers on the web.


Come on everyone. Time to get NEKKID!!! ;) ;)

Tim Jackson said...

Great job Mack, as Cam says, of getting all the news bundled so well.

#1- Steve did a great job, I agree.
#11- Just when I think Sean has scared me more than I thought he could... he ups the ante.