Thursday, June 21, 2007

Which Wich's local social media play to go national

Over at Daily Fix on Tuesday I blogged about Chris Thomas' local Which Wich promoting his blog after Chris started blogging about their sandwiches. In the entry, I added this:
My only complaint is that I could find zero mention of Chris' series on the Which Wich website, or blog. Sounds like Which Wich's main office could take a lesson in how to embrace and empower its brand evangelists from Chris' local shop.

Later on Tuesday, Which Wich added this entry to their blog, promoting Chris' series. Then today, the chain blogged that Which Wich founder Jeff Sinelli flew in to Franklin to have lunch with Chris at his local Which Wich.

Then today Chris comments on my Daily Fix post to let us know that the chain will be stamping ALL bags in ALL locations with his blog addy by the end of the week.

I had no idea this chain existed a week ago, now it's getting free coverage on some of the top business and marketing blogs on the internet. All because the chain was smart enough to embrace one of its brand evangelists. But guys you seriously need to overhaul your blog, check out my Company Blog Checkup series.

Start by adding Chris' blog to your sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

Love this campaign.
Love the grassroots feel to even the corporate side of it.