Saturday, June 30, 2007

Viral Community News

1 - Chris tells us that the next Indiana Jones movie is finally shooting, and gives us some marketing news.

2 - Mike at ConverStations has been having a tough go of it recently, so make sure you stop by send him your well wishes.

3 - Drew has announced that his blog just received its 2,000th comment, and prior to its 10-month anniversary. VERY impressive!

4 - Big Ann Handley news, as first Ann makes her debut as writer for one of the most popular blogs on the internet, The Huffington Post. Be sure to stop by and congratulate her, as this is a pretty big honor. And in other news...

5 - Marketing Profs has relaunched with a new look. I like it, it's very clean, and I love the 'About Us' page.

6 - Gianandrea has announced that he is following one of his passions, and will become partner in Dune Restaurant, located in the heart of Rome. G says there will likely be a blog soon (which again, I think would be perfect for tourists), but check out the restaurant's website. Is that not gorgeous? Very stylish, gives location, background, menu, everything. And I love the music! Congrats again G!

7 - Matt has the latest edition of Buzz Friday up.

8 - Gavin explains 'why you blog'.

9 - CK is announcing that she'll be appearing soon on Jaffe's Across The Sound, and is wanting everyone to let her know what they should discuss. So chime in!

10 - Paul gives a MASSIVE recap on the whole 'Hurricane Kohls' kerfluffle that he unleashed earlier this year. The bottom line is that the customers blame the employees, and the employees blame the customers. Yeah that's a healthy environment.


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Anonymous said...

Great round-up, Mack. Thanks so much for catching us up to speed... it's like a conversation across the fence, which is a true strength of your blog.

Chris Brown said...

I like how you post the quick one line updates so we know what's going on. Thank you!

Mack Collier said...

Thanks Ann, I'm so happy for your HuffPo gig! And glad you enjoy the updates Chris, thanks!

Nudge Marketing said...

And im sure you were going to make number 11 "Nudge Marketing, the all aussie marketing blog has an all new layout and a new address at" it was just that 10 was such a nice round number yeah? :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for linking us all together! You really are the community patron. Thank you.