Monday, June 25, 2007

Asheville paper sets up social media site for Smashing Pumpkins stint

Over the last year or so, 'event-blogging' has become more popular. But the Asheville Citizen-Times is upping the ante as The Smashing Pumpkins roll into the North Carolina town for a 9-show gig.

Susan Ihne explains:
Music is not my forte. I had no idea who the Smashing Pumpkins were when they announced a nine-day play date in Asheville.

Thank goodness for Entertainment Editor Tony Kiss, who quickly put it in perspective: This is a BIG deal.

When the 8,478 tickets sold within minutes, I knew he was right.

And then with $20 opening night tickets scalping for $950 or more, I decided I’d never doubt him again — at least when it comes to music....So, when Kiss puts his seal on a big deal, we start planning.

A couple of weeks ago, we launched a social networking site called to connect band fans from around the world.

It’s where you’ll find our coverage — photos, video, audio and stories — of the band’s time in Asheville.

Fans are invited to share their thoughts in blogs, photos and video at the site throughout the band’s stay. About 60 have signed up so far.

Before each show, we’ll have a video of the smashing of something pumpkin. A ceramic pumpkin, a can of pumpkin filling, a frozen pumpkin pie, and a plastic pumpkin — whatever we can find.

The paper ran an article yesterday claiming there were 'about 60' members signed up at the time. I just checked and the site says there's 182 now. Members have already added numerous pictures and videos of the band, mostly concert shots.

I think this is another sign of how the social-media landscape is changing. People are more comfortable with these tools, and willing to experiment and play with them to see what happens. Good news for those that are willing to test the social-media waters, and another reminder that the clock is ticking for those who are still on the shore.

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Bob G said...

Ease of use is a huge factor Mack - especially for traditional media (newspapers) and their readers (not young) :). My feeling is the older demographic is only just now being tapped with these tools. Once learned and used, it could cause multiple explosions across all communications. Fascinating to say the least.