Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sandwiches, social media, and brand evangelism

My latest post is up at Daily Fix, and I talk about how sandwich shop Which Wich is incorporating social media into its existing marketing, to highlight one of its brand evangelists.

Which Wich is a shop that offers 51 sandwiches, and Chris Thomas just loves them:
I just love the place. I love the wiches. I love the house chips. I love the sweet tea. I love the ordering experience. I love that they encourage you to be creative with the back of your ordering bag. I love the brand.

So Chris decided that he was going to not only eat all 51 of Which Wich's sandwiches, but he was going to let his readers decide which one he should pick for each entry, then he'd review the one they choose.

After seeing Chris show up for several days in a row, his local Which Wich started talking to him and found out that he was doing his review series on his blog. So the shop decided to add Chris' blog URL to every bag they use!

So check out my DF post, I also talk about how his readers are reacting to the series, and what Which Wich's home office is doing about this (hint: not what they should be). And thanks to Michael Morton at Marketing Monster for letting me know about this!

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Its been a long time coming but finally Sandwich 2.0 is finally here :)