Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Book Club Round 3 is Live and Gettin' Sticky

The hits just keep on coming. First Marketing Profs' Book Club (hosted by CK) featured Ben and Jackie's Citizen Marketers, then Round Two put the spotlight on Al and Laura Ries' The Origin of Brands. Round Three launched yesterday, and it features one of the most well-received business/idea books of the last year, Made to Stick. Cam has also written an excellent summary which you can download.

So if you've read the book, this is a great chance to not only discuss it with others readers, but the authors themselves. As did Ben, Jackie, Al and Laura, Chip and Dan are also participating in the discussion!

So stop by, if you haven't joined the MP Book Club, you can still do that here, and join all the fun.

Or if you just want to browse, click on the logo below!

PS: Don't forget that Marketing Profs FREE virtual B2B Marketing Conference is today as well! Click here to get the info and sign up! It runs today from 10 am EST to 6 PM.

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