Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eight Steps to Creating Brand Evangelists

My latest (premium) article is up for Marketing Profs, entitled Eight Steps to Creating Brand Evangelists:
Whereas many companies use traditional marketing tactics to send a one-way promotional message to customers, brand evangelists can communicate with customers in their space. This is a very powerful difference: It shifts the communication from being one-way to creating an actual dialogue; and whereas many people simply do not trust advertising, a recommendation from a fellow customer is credible.

But how can companies encourage their customers to become brand evangelists?

I've also added a link in my Articles I've Written section.

Bonus link: Want to learn more about creating evangelists? Talk to the masters.

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Anonymous said...

The only way I know of to turn a customer into an evangelist is to consistently deliver unique value that exceeds their expectations. Eventually, some will feel compelled to spread the word because of a variety of reasons ranging from guilt (I owe them for everything they've done for me!) to 'shared goals' (I want them to succeed because their success supports my success!)

Kim Klaver said...

Mack - so now MPs is a paid site?

Will you be posting any of these things on your own site?

Mack Collier said...

Kim, MP is still a free site, but still offers premium memberships that gives you access to premium content. I will be writing a few more free articles for them, in fact my next one will be a free article.

Suzanne Ortiz said...

To build on what Pat said, in addition to delivering value, I think a key component of turning a customer into an evangelist is to offer something unique. You need to be perceived as 'cool', as cutting-edge, something interesting that your customer wants to discuss at a cocktail party or share with friends and neighbors. Boring won't work, here!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Suzanne. Give people something to connect with.

Olin Hyde said...

Evangelists are precious and rare. It is essential to determine the influence of a person based on their relevance, authority and authenticity (trustworthiness). Really hard to do... unless you know them personally.