Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blogging sets you apart in your job search

Looks like I was right after all. The Boston Globe has a great article on how a well-run blog can set you apart from other candidates in the job search. Jeremy pointed out the article, and it's very exciting. Not so much for the content, which is excellent, but the fact that the article was written at all. It signals to me that MSM is catching up to the benefits of adding a blog to your job search, and that means that the majority of the employers in this country, who get most of their news from MSM, will start to open their eyes as well.

And why shouldn't they? Blogs are an excellent tool to help a person in so many areas. Most of these areas the Boston Globe covers, so I wanted to give my thoughts on some of the points raised in the article:

Blogging creates a network. Not only that, but the blogosphere can bring you in contact with so many experts in your field that you might otherwise never come in contact with. These experts are an invaluable source of information and knowledge, as well as potential networking contacts. I can still learn more about marketing in one night from reading Tara or Hugh, than I did in most of my undergrad and graduate marketing courses.

Blogging is great training. Obviously, blogging greatly enhances your communication skills. But you also have to communicate with readers, you have to manage your time between working on your own blog, and reading/commenting on other blogs. And again, when you blog, you are literally creating a marketing plan for yourself. If you can't market yourself, how can you market for someone else?

Blogging helps you move up quickly.
Ryan recently accepted a Marketing Manager position in Canada. He said that during the interview, the employer asked him about his blog, Ashton Media, which he had a link to on his resume. He echoed the thoughts of the BG article, that his blog set him up as an expert in his field. He adds in the comments: "To be honest, I think it put me in a whole different light in relation to all the other applicants.". And again, it makes the hiring process easier for everyone as well. A quick glance of my posts here, and on BMA will quickly give the employer an excellent idea of my marketing communication skills.

There's several other great points that you should check out for yourself. Again, the article itself isn't what excites me, it's the fact that it was written at all. Ever since late last year, I've thought that we would really see employers start to go after bloggers in earnest by the spring or summer of this year. We've seen high-profile bloggers such as Steve Rubel and Jeremy Pepper landing gigs because of their blogs, and I think as more and more employers being to understand the importance and value of blogs, they'll realize what a great source they are for qualified employees.


Ryan said...


Dead on mate. In hindsight, I'd say having my blog available for my (potential) employer to read on their own time (outside of our interview time) was a huge advantage.

All of a sudden they could see my skills in a different light / context, and not in the confines of a staged interview.

Mack Collier said...

Sounds like your explaining what your blog really was during the interview impressed her. My guess is as soon as you left, she spent some time on the blog, and as solid as your marketing insights are in your posts, that probably ended the hiring process for the other guys right there ;)

Congrats again, still waiting for those posts about bringing blogs to the Canadian pizza business!

Ryan said...

Oh just you wait. There are a ton of ideas brewing in this noggin of mine.

Stay tuned.