Wednesday, April 12, 2006

All he wants is a movie ticket

So what is Snakes on a Blog all about?
Snakes on a Blog documents my quest to attend the Hollywood premiere of Snakes on a Plane. If I'm really lucky, this blog will do more than just document the quest, it will aid it.

But is it working?
I’ve been online for 90 days. I’ve had about 265,000 visitors. I’ve posted 185 stories. There have been 770,000 requests for pages, and a staggering 18,100,000 requests for all files (these are mostly people hotlinking to images and comics that I’ve hosted and posting them on other forums around the net). I’ve transferred 375 gigabytes of data (slowly approaching a terrabyte!). The most popular day of the week is Friday. The most popular hour of the day is between 1pm and 2pm.

I’ve gotten seven free t-shirts, one free hat and one free button (more please). A fan started petition requesting I be allowed to attend the premiere is currently standing at nearly 600 signatures (more please). There are currently 31 translations of “Snakes on a Plane” into foreign languages (more please). I’ve been interviewed by two TV crews. According to Google, has appeared in 34 newspaper stories, been linked to by 521 blogs, and over 6,500 other webpages.

But my goal was not to build stats. My goal was not to get free t-shirts or high hit-counts. My goal was to attend the Hollywood premiere of Snakes on a Plane. If that doesn’t come to pass, then all the rest of this work was for nothing. Read my first, second and third pleas to hear more.

My goals are looking pretty good at this point. David Ellis, the director, has said that I’d be coming to the premiere in several interviews… but the quest doesn’t end until I’m standing on the red carpet.

Things are looking good, though. Thanks for everyone’s support.

That sounds like a 'Yes'.

“You got a problem, take a number and a name, ’cause we got snakes on this motherfucking plane.”

Bonus question: If New Line had tried this in-house, would their results have been the same?

Bonus answer: No.

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