Thursday, April 20, 2006

A great week for BMA

Ton of great news for your second-favorite friendly neighborhood weblog. First is a great example of the viral nature of the blogosphere. I cross-posted Dave Sifry's update on the blogosphere both here, and on BMA on Monday. Megite, a blog aggregator, picked up the post from BMA, and as a result it was viewed about 600 times on Monday and Tuesday on BMA. Of course since they missed it here, it was viewed about 10 times here for both days ;)

We tied our 1-day record for traffic on Monday, then shattered it yesterday to finish at 1344. As of this writing we had a mild chance of topping that total today. Also, we broke through the Top 150,000 for Alexa. By my guesstimations, we should crack the Top 100,000 for Alexa sometime next month. And as you can see here, the Garden isn't doing too shabby either.

But shameless self-promotion aside, here's the news you'll really like. We've added a new writer to BMA. And we've gone at it from a slightly different angle this time. The writer who's agreed to join us is already a blogger. I think this makes a big difference because so far all the writers that have joined BMA (myself included), weren't bloggers, and had to learn as they went. And if you've never blogged before, you don't realize exactly how much time it can take, and I think that's a big reason why some writers had to leave BMA, because they didn't understand this going in.

Thankfully, that shouldn't be a problem here. And best of all, this person is a great writer, and VERY funny. Myself and every other writer at BMA will definitely have to bring our A-game from now on. If you've read BMA for any amount of time, then you should already be familiar with their work.

Another big reason why this will be a good deal for everyone involved is because this writer will bring a very distinct writing style, and will lean more toward advertising stories than I do. Which is good, because while our traffic has constantly grown since Day 1, the rate at which it was increasing has decreased a bit since around the end of Jan. That was the time at which I moved more toward marketing posts, and my guess is that some of the people that were coming more for the advertising stuff maybe got turned off. The addition of this new writer should help solve that problem.

I'm really excited, and I think you will definitely enjoy their writings!


Ryan said...

So don't hold us in suspense! The people need to know!

Mack Collier said...

I was going to wait till she posted, but as you can see from checking BMA, it's Jayne from Critical Fluff. If you've been following my advice on BMA and reading CF, then you know how hilarious she is ;)