Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where you are

The famous song-titled mish-mash nonsensical format posting that you loved on BMA, has found its way to the Garden.

One of the things I've wondered ever since I started figuring out which bloggers were on the supposed 'A-Listers' lists that get bandied about, is why John Moore doesn't appear on more of those lists. Posts such as this one on Brand Autopsy might be part of the reason why. Not that John said anything wrong, in fact I think he was completely correct in his characterization of the episode. He's also the only one that I've seen take this stance. Maybe that's why he doesn't get invited to the 'A-List' slumber parties?

Link-love for the Garden has started coming in, thanks to JD and Chris twice! Check out MMM as Chris has given it a new and cleaner look. Also Chris, you can steal the 'get out of the way' line, since I stole it from Tara Hunt ;)

I have now heard about half of the songs on the upcoming Jewel album, Goodbye to Alice in Wonderland. The good news is that most of the songs are previously unreleased songs that she has been performing live, a few from as long ago as 1996. What remains to be seen is how they will sound on the CD, Jewel is notorious for giving amazing live shows, and often having the songs fall flat in the studio. Already some fans are complaining about the sound of the first single, Again and again(which I don't like), and that she 'should have released the live version since it sounds so much better'. Uh-oh. Most of the versions I have heard of the songs from Goodbye to Alice in Wonderland have been live. The bottom line is that if she can find a way to make the album sound 'live', she could top Pieces of You because she has a great selection of songs to work with.

If not, she'll have a CD that's likely only a shade better than 0304.

Heather went shopping and found some interesting children's books.

Finally, some 'new' marketing/ad blogs to check out:
Marketing Inside/Out
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