Friday, April 14, 2006

Using bloggers to promote your movie

Hugh has an idea on Gaping Void about using bloggers to promote the new movie Hallam Foe. Hugh's idea is to give away tickets to a certain number of bloggers (his view is, the more the better), and again, make sure they know they are under NO obligation to write anything about the movie on their blog.

My idea was, (and I want Chris to comment here if he can) instead of giving away say, 5,000 tickets to bloggers over the life of the film, give away as many tickets to bloggers as you have requests. But ONLY for a certain time period, like say the first 2 weeks that the movie is in theaters, or the first month. The idea being, get the bloggers to see the movie first, and get them blogging about it ASAP. This would greatly help in creating the positive WOM that a movie needs out of the gate to be a major success.

And I would also take it a step further and ONLY invite bloggers to the premiere(or at least as many as possible). As I told Hugh, not sure if the studio would go for this, but since we all know how large the blego is, the bloggers that attended the premiere likely couldn't get to their laptops fast enough to gush about the movie.

I'm still waiting for a record label to be smart enough to do this, but that's another story.

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