Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Links on a blog!

Some stuff I saw I liked, and also there are some people that lately have linked to BMA, and since I have already linked to them from BMA, I wanted to link from them here. To boost the ole T-Rati meter, of course!

Chris says I gave him a 'Major Award' lol! That was worth the link right there! Also, make sure that you check out Chris at AdJab, and at Bacon's.

You should be checking out Media Orchard already, but if not, make sure to check them out now since Andrea will be pinch-hitting for Scott from the rest of the month along with Bill from Make the Logo Bigger.

Has anyone tried this from AOL? Supposedly it lets you watch old tv programs on your computer. Not many series available, and I couldn't get it to finish loading, so I figured since the 'AOL' name was attached to it, that it must not work.

Thanks to Leslie for the nice shout-out to BMA!

Congrats to Chris for cracking Technorati's Top 100,000. Here's another link to keep the ball rolling!

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