Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some notes on the Top 25 list

Really glad that everyone seems to be enjoying the list. I'll be updating the list every Monday, and when I do, I will also list how many spots in the poll each blog moves up or down, and how their Alexa traffic ranking changed, again, up or down. I'll also make special mention of the blog that moved up the most in both categories. This will be a great way to track how a blog is performing long-term. Alexa tends to be sporadic in their updating, but they usually update the rankings every 4 or 5 days, so that's why I decided to have a weekly update.

Also, I have started doing a similar list for advertising blogs over on BMA, and will be updating it each Monday as well.

Finally, there seems to be some question about why this blog was in, why this one wasn't. The biggest rules for the marketing blogs is that marketing has to be one of the primarily topics for your blog, and your blog can't be primarily a link aggregator, and your content can't be primarily news-related. IMO, both Marketing Vox and Micro Persuasion are heavy on links and news. Most marketing blogs lean more toward commentary and theory discussion, whereas with the advertising blogs, it's the exact opposite. Now if I were going to do a list for PR blogs, MP would likely be #1, but I'm not.

BTW keep those links to your blogs coming, as I will definitely check all of them out. However keep in mind that I rank them based on Alexa's traffic rankings, so if I think you have a GREAT blog, but your Alexa traffic ranking is 1,200,000, that's not high enough to make the list, at least not yet. I am obviously partial to THIS blog, but the Garden's Alexa ranking simply isn't high enough to be added, at least not yet. Just so everyone realizes that the judgment call is on whether or not to include your blog on the marketing list, not on where to rank it.

Thanks again to all the commenters and for the emails!

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