Friday, April 27, 2007

My Involvement in the Nikon D80 Blogger Program

My Nikon D80 digital camera arrived yesterday, so my participation in the D80 blogger program has begun. Since a lot of people have been interested in this program, I wanted to spell out exactly what my involvement would include.

First, the main reason why I agreed to be involved in this program is because Nikon was specific in stating that I was under ZERO obligation to blog about the camera or the pictures I take with it. That wasn't a condition for getting or keeping the camera, and if it had been, I wouldn't have participated. Nikon's only caveat was that IF I choose to talk about the D80 or the pictures I take with it, that I disclose my involvement in this program.

Second, this is a 6-month 'loaner' program. I am given free use of the camera for 6 months. After 6 months, I can either return the camera to Nikon, extend the program for another 6 months, or buy it at a yet-to-be disclosed editorial discount.

Now for me, my involvement going forward hinges on two key points:

1 - Do I blog about the camera and the photos I take with the camera?

2 - Do I disclose if a picture I post here was taken with the D80?

I want to thank everyone for the feedback they have left here, as you all greatly helped me clarify my position on both these points.

First, I will ONLY blog about the D80 and the pictures I take with the camera IF I decide to buy the D80.

That was the easy part, but the disclosure issue is a bit more thorny for me. Again, Nikon made it clear that I do not have to disclose which pictures I take with the D80. But I feel I should, then again, if I make a special mention here of each and every picture I take with the D80, then do I cross the line from disclosure to promoting the D80? I think yes.

So my compromise is that I have created a Flickr account, and will ONLY post pictures taken with the D80 there. Some of them may also be posted here in posts, but the point is, if you want to know which photos I am taking with the D80, all you have to do is click over to my Flickr account and there they are. If you don't care and don't want to know, you won't.

One final note: While I will not be blogging about the camera unless I buy it, I will be extensively blogging about the program itself. Truth be told, this is the main reason why I wanted to participate. There have been several similar programs in the past year or so, but I haven't really seen any bloggers that focused on covering the program itself, and that's what I wanted to do. I think it will interest my readers, and can also serve as valuable feedback for Nikon, as well as helping other companies that might be considering launching a similar blogger outreach program. And it gives me my first chance to work with a company as a recipient in a program such as this.

So I think that covers everything. I am going to leave this post up on the sidebar, and create a spot for it there. Again, thanks to everyone for their feedback, and I can assure you that it definitely influenced my thinking here!

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Anonymous said...

I'm willing to be Nikon's happy with the coverage you've given the camera so far just by writing about the program. :)

But in all honesty, I think the program (and your participation) is ethically okay. However,I would be worried if you ran a blog about photography.

Relax Mack. You're in the clear with me!

Anonymous said...

I am a hobbyist photographer, plus I use my shooter for work a fair bit. I currently use an Olympus E-500 for most of the shots I take.

When I receive my D80 (right Chris?) I will give an objective comparison of the two, and will be more than happy to sing the virtues of whichever I find to be superior. This is after all why Nikon initiated the program; to put their product in the hands of the people most likely to evangelize it.

Sounds like a familiar concept, doesn't it?

I will do my best not to dissolve into a Nikon fanboy, but if I think it's shit-hot, I will say so. Just try and stop me.

One important note: Flickr automatically adds the meta-data (including camera model) to every photo uploaded to the site.

Mack Collier said...

Michael you're exactly right, Nikon's already won because of my blogging about the program. I think Tom and Chris realized I would be blogging more about the program than the camera when they invited me to join.

Jordan, with a blogger outreach/ambassador/whatever program such as this, I think we all have to decide what works best for own circumstances. One reason why I don't want to blog about the D80 itself is because I've never blogged about cameras before, so if I did so for the D80, that would mean the content I was creating here would have changed, based on my getting to use a D80. On the flipside, I remember seeing you blog about your camera before on Tell Ten Friends, so I think it makes more sense in your case to blog about the product.

But the best thing, as always, is that we have a discussion. I think we all win when that happens.

Anonymous said...

"I will be extensively blogging about the program itself."

From a marketing perspective I am interested in the program. Can you tell me, other than a loaner camera (and no obligations to blog about it) what does the program consist of? For example, is their a feedback board, blog, wiki, etc.

Always on a path to create value for both parties (company and community) I'm interested in what the program consists of. Can you tell us that yet? If it consists of "getting a loaner camera to try", that's cool...just looking to understand--and learn--from the program. Thanks.

Disclaimer: this is a wanting to understand it question...not a pointed one (I promise).

kpaul said...

I’ve also kinda been following the Nikon D80 Picture This campaign with more than a little interest. ;)


macgoo said...

Wow being a fellow blogger user I am pretty stoked that you have managed to become part of this program.

All the best and make sure you take full advantage of this tremendous opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I applaud the program but think giving D80s to people who weren't necessarily interested in photography is a mistake. Coolpix would have made more sense.