Monday, April 16, 2007

Mind The Gap Episode 4 is....

...once again being held hostage by GoDaddy. I recently bought and was going to use that URL to host the episodes, but GoDaddy is still trying to figure out how after 3 weeks to redirect my podcast episodes to that URL from their previous home,

And GoDaddy sucks, BTW. Thankfully my email question as to WHY episode 4 of MTG is being held hostage has been received by GoDaddy, and I should expect a response within 24 hours.

And one of GoDaddy's competitors should expect to get my hosting business within 24 hours as well.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry. If you're gonna say they suck...why not link to 'em? I made sure and linked to the NRA when I all but said they sucked ;-).

Can't wait for the next eppy.

Anonymous said...

Was curious to know which provider you went to. We're using GoDaddy for our web application and have had a good run so far. But I was a little concerned when you sadi that they're not up to the mark. Maybe we'll also need to be ready to switch.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Mack, the GoDaddy staff is probably really busy planning how to raise a fuss over next year's Super Bowl ads. That kind of coordinated efforts eats up a lot of man hours.

Tim Jackson said...

God, I've been in a cave for a week with no internet and now I come back and I'm in a picture montage talking about Mind The Gap... dude, what gives?

I feel honored to be pictured, if that means I'm not in trouble. If I'm in trouble... then I'm scared.

Mack Collier said...

Tim how could an Alabama boy in San Diego get into trouble?!?

And I just checked, GoDaddy still hasn't redirected the Mind The Gap episodes. As soon as I get a chance to do some checking, I'm canceling my podcast-hosting deal with GoDaddy and getting someone else.

Anyone have any advice on a good podcast hosting service? I've heard good things about Lib-Syn, will probably go with them.