Friday, April 13, 2007

Bloggers Going Mainstream

Friday is normally when I have a Viral Community News roundup, but today I wanted to focus on some of my blogging friends that have had some primo mainstream exposure recently.

First, as many of you have read, David Armano recently penned an excellent article for Business Week entitled 'It's the Conversation Economy, Stupid'. As I told David, the article does a great job of helping to get companies up to speed with what's happening in social media and how we are using these tools to communicate, but it doesn't talk over their heads. Just scares them enough to wake up and realize they are getting left behind. Hopefully. David also has a great recap on how this article came to be at L+E. Kudos to Bruce Nussbaum and the rest of the staff at Business Week for being smart enough to let one of our thought leaders have the podium.

Also, recruiting guru Harry Joiner of Marketing Headhunter fame was again recently sourced by The Wall-Street Journal in an article entitled 'How Blogging Can Help You Get a Job'. I remember talking to Harry around this time last year about how companies would begin to look at snapping up the better bloggers. Course it didn't really start happening as soon as I thought, but it's getting there. Harry says The WSJ found his blog and contacted him about helping them, so there's proof that blogging helps with getting mainstream exposure, and vice versa.

And speaking of getting a job from blogging, congrats again to Mario Sundar of Marketing Nirvana fame, for being named LinkedIn's Community Evangelist. I am sure that Mario's blogging had a ton to do with LinkedIn picking him for their CE, and as others have said, he's a stellar choice. Mario has a wonderful followup on the '5 steps to let your dream job find you'.

Congrats guys, it's inspiring to see that the mainstream is starting to pay attention to some of the wonderful minds that are in this space!

Bonus link: Good to Know let's us know that The Z-List Rolls On....

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Bob G said...

Each and all deserving of the exposure, Mack. I'm glad you keep us all informed! DA's BW piece pretty tasty :)