Sunday, March 04, 2007

Viral Community News

The latest edition of the list with more wholesome goodness than 15 bowls of Post Shredded Wheat...

1. - I meant to point this out a couple of weeks ago, but Roger has some fascinating photos of his recent trip to Egypt on his blog. Absolutely amazing stuff, and the Egyptian Tourism Bureau needs to give Roger a kickback!

2. - Jordan is open-sourcing his presentation on how companies can use social-media tools to communicate with their customers and join their communities. Feel free to give him some advice!

3. - Ann has her usual excellent discussion-starter on Daily Fix, debating the merits of both Project RED, and the new organization that's fighting it, BUY (LESS). An added bonus is that two of BUY (LESS)'s organizers chime in as well.

4 - Emily has found a hilarious tagline for a local business. My favorite ever was for the local septic tank business whose tagline is 'We're #1 in the #2 business.'

5 - Mario talks technology and the Oscars.

6 - Pat at Sports Marketing 2.0 has an interesting story about how the Colts are incorporating one fan's created content into the team's marketing.

7 - Mike at Own Your Brand has a recap of an All-Star lineup of a show on BlogTalkRadio featuring Mike along with Mike Sansone, Valeria Maltoni, Derrick Daye, John Moore, Drew McLellan and David Koopsman.

8 - MasiGuy tells us why he blogs.

9 - Congrats to JD and Priscilla on tying the knot!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mack - thanks for picking up on our first go at BlogTalk Radio.

What really caught me attention was your use of the term "all-star lineup".

Best I ever achieved was "all-state" honorable mention as a linebacker back in high school. Grin.

It was a blast to think out loud with such thoughtful biz thinkers.

And always thankful to be part of the conversations you offer up!

Keep creating,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack:

Very kind of you to pick up on our conversation. Your mention of "stars" makes me think of that song... maybe a video is what's next ;-)

I really enjoyed learning about the views of fellow marketers and brand experts John, Mike, Drew, Derrick, and David. Wayne was a perfect host and Mike Sansone was the all-time best instigator.

Thank you for the mention.

Tim Jackson said...

Golly-gee... thanks for the mention. That's a nice list to be on there. I feel pretty special.

J.D. said...

9. JD got married :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. "Link-a-Rama" in action. Thanks for the shout-out (I got a new banner photo out of the trip), and the "Heads-Up" to the other fine destinations!

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec. JD got married?!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the nod. The BlogTalk podcast was a riot to do. How often do you get to talk to that many smart people all at once?

Talk about having to stay on your toes!


Reshma Bachwani-Paritosh said...

Hi Mack - and what are your reasons for blogging?